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Music Artists You Should Know

June 17, 2014


Ingrid Michaelson: During May I got the opportunity to see Ingrid live. She was absolutely amazing. Ingrid is a 34 year old, New York native, who sings a lot of Indie-Pop genre music. Her songs are featured on many hit television shows such as One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries, and Grey’s Anatomy. You might also know her by her hit song ‘Be Ok’ (go listen and you will instantly know). She also has many other great songs such as “Girls Chase Boys”, “You and I”, and “The Way I Am”. She is now currently on tour so go and try to catch her! You will not be unsatisfied, she is amazing!


The 1975: The group is formed of four boys: Matthew Healy, Adam Hann, George Daniel, and Ross McDonald. The group is an English Indie-Rock band based in Manchester. Who couldn’t resist of bunch of British boys singing about girls!? They have many hit singles such as “Chocolate”, “Girls”, “Settle Down”, and “Robbers”. They are currently on tour in America, but not for long so get tickets while you can! P.s. Matty is just too cute!!

Article by: Carolina Grace

Summer Playlist

June 17, 2014


Music is life. Well, at least to me it is! It can set the record for any mood or situation. As you know, summer is sneaking up on us and what better way to get ready for it than by finding some great music? I love all different kinds of music so I took my faves and combined them into a little playlist to start your summer off just right! Hope you enjoy!

Carolina Grace

Beach Babe Kit

June 13, 2014

tan2Ahhhhh. The smell of seawater, humidity lingering in the air, sand between the toes and the sun smiling down to give us golden glows…summer is upon us! Here are 8 must-haves (tried and true) that every beach babe needs for her next trip to the sandy shores!

1. Not Your Mothers Sea Salt Texturizing Spray-AHHHHHmazing! This spray is simple to apply for an effortless surf girl hairstyle. I found that the best beach waves were created when spray was applied on dry hair-not wet!

2. La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF 60- I use this skincare line-from cleansers to sunscreens! Anthelios sunscreen continues to win multiple awards year after year. Apply sunscreen BEFORE going out into the sun and use lots of it (quarter size for the face alone). Reapply every couple of hours-especially if you get wet! Prevent those wrinkles!

3. Floppy hat-this hat is a must! My favorite online monogramming store, ShopMemento, has tons of color combinations to choose from and will monogram your hat for free! Go to the beach in elegance and style while shielding your pretty face from the sun’s harmful rays. Definitely a must-have!

4. Fresh SPF 15 lip tint- keep your pucker protected and moisturized. I love this balm because it has SPF and provides moisturized lips with a soft hint of color.

5. Lilly Pulitzer Tote- who doesn’t love Lilly? This tote is precious, spacious and of quality! This tote can hold everything you need for a trip to the beach.

6. Bobble Bottle- stay hydrated! This bottle is perfect and will bobble along with you in the water!

7. Vera Bradley beach towel- this towel is huge and perfect to lay out on. It is super plush and super soft-hands down my favorite towel ever.

8. Secrets Over Sweet Tea- everyone needs a good read! This book is precious (see our Summer Reads article).

Brynlea Cunniff
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Jump Around

June 12, 2014

The romper and the jumpsuit, in my opinion, are socially acceptable public pjs. Super comfy, super stylish and super sassy: a great trio! Choosing the best romper/jumpsuit can be tricky. You want to avoid looking like a 5-year old who should be carrying a sloppy ice cream cone and wearing pigtails hanging on the pant leg of mommy. Here are 3 tips to choosing a great romper or jumpsuit!

1. Color-choosing the right color is everything! Solid, dark colors are always a safe and classy choice- for the curvier or more athletic body style. You can never go wrong with black! If you are slender and/or petite, have fun with florals and fun patterns!

2. Length- some rompers are super short! Unless you are comfortable showing some skin, make sure to choose a romper with a length at mid-thigh in order to avoid possible butt cheek appearances (and stares). For taller women, the long jumpsuit is a great choice-very elegant and chic.

3. Fabric- Micro Modal (super super soft) and jersey are my favorite fabrics for jumpsuits-this is where the public pjs idea comes from. They hang well on all body types, are extremely comfortable and aren’t prone to snagging. Lighter fabrics can be tricky-make sure they aren’t see-through and are flattering to the body. Some fabrics aren’t forgiving!

Brynlea Cunniff
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Summer Reads

June 12, 2014

I am a bookworm. I love to read and am always planning my next book before beginning my current pick. Here are 5 great summer reads that you should definitely enjoy. Grab a mason jar of tea, find a happy spot and read away!

1. The Fault In Our Stars by John Green: This well-written, ironically witty book is definitely a one-day page turner. It is about a young, idealistic girl name Hazel with cancer who meets a handsome and free-spirited boy named Augustus Waters at a cancer support group. Follow them on their journey finding meaning, enjoying life and dealing with twists and turns.

2. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn: One word. Twisted. Nick and Amy Dunne celebrate their 5th anniversary when Amy goes missing. This book has a very unexpected turn near the middle. Definitely a book that is hard to put down.

3. Cracks In My Foundation by Marian Keyes: This book is hilarious! Irish author, Marian Keyes, writes the truths of life on paper. It is a collection of essays and stories-one side is essays then you flip the book over to enjoy the short stories. I rarely laugh out loud, but I find myself chuckling on every page. Her experiences and views of life are highly relatable-especially to women.

4. Orphan Train by Christina Kline: Molly Ayer is a foster kid who must make up time in order to avoid juvie. She helps an elderly lady clean out her attic when a beautiful and warm connection is made between the two. Two stories-modern day and the tale of the elderly lady in the 1920s. Amazing read!

5. Secrets Over Sweet Tea by Denise Jones: Secrets are shared among three people who intersect in the streets of Franklin, Tennessee. When the truth spills out, messes happen. Enjoy this witty, light-hearted read on a patio enjoying some sweet tea.

Brynlea Cunniff
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DIY: High Waisted Shorts

April 21, 2014
Have you ever wondered how to make the summer’s hottest shorts? This how-to, step by step will give you your soon-to-be favorite pair of shorts!



Step 1: Find a pair of high waisted jeans. I used Gap in the demo, but Levi’s work the best. (Your local thrift store is filled with vintage Levi’s.)

Step 2: Cut them at an angle, low to high, from your inner thigh to your upper thigh. Make them have a slight V shape. For length: put them on before you cut them, and mark a little spot with a sharpie where you want to start cutting.

Step 3: When you have both sides cut, stick them in the wash on a basic wash cycle. After, dry them in the dryer for the perfect fringe look. Air dry works also.

Step 4: After they are completely dry, they should have fringed on their own in the wash, and you may have to cut/trim the fringe if it’s dragging down and way too long. And now, you should have your own High Waisted Shorts!

Wanting holes? Make a tiny straight line slit wherever you desire the hole to be. Stick in the wash, and it will fringe on its own!

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images 1 & 2: via Pinterest