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Play That Funky Music

January 2, 2014

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Whoever said teachers aren’t cool or adventurous was completely wrong! Two teachers from Texas decided to venture out of the classroom and spin some records as a side business. Little did they know that there venture would take off and become such a success! And take it from me, they are awesome! How do I know? They were the DJs for my wedding-from the music to the lighting, my reception was perfection! Here’s there story!

Laura Mayfield: “Jason and I met in college at Wayland Baptist University in Plainview. He came to Wayland from Wichita Falls, and I came to Wayland from Pueblo, Colorado. We were actually laughing because we literally started talking about marriage the first week we met. Jason was a music major and I was an education major.  Jason was a music minister at a small church and started collecting PA speakers and sound equipment for his praise band. It wasn’t for a couple years when we were teachers that we started to DJ. It was honestly not intentional, the high school where we were teacher needed a DJ for a school dance and Jason had the equipment. I DJed because I have been a music collector since I was a small child. Somehow it just clicked…

Over the past 11 years (we have been married 12, almost 13 years) in business God has blessed our company in the most unbelievable ways. We have been lucky enough to work with some we amazing couples. For me, (Laura) I still moved by each couple I work with. As crazy as it sounds, I am moved that in this day and age, with divorce as high as it is, I am always moved when two people find each other and make that commitment to one another. We work very closely with out couples to give them their special day, that often after the wedding we are blessed to call so many of our clients friends. That is so special to us.

View More: http://meeganweaver.pass.us/mayfield-family

The best part about or business is that we do it together. Jason is the host and I work with our couples to make sure that when I DJ it is a reflection of their unique style. We have two little girls and we love that we are able to provide for them by doing something that we both love so much. It really is our business that we build from the ground up. After the new year we are really excited because our business is going to be making some awesome new changes. First, we will be expanding and as a result we will have a new take on our old name. We will become Mayfield Events. (This is so that we can now take on Day of Coordination, custom lighting, concert sound rentals and DJing.) The other things we are thrilled about is that we have been named 2014 Best of Wedding by TheKnot.com. This award named us among the top 8 wedding DJs in the DFW area, and most importantly, it was something that we were rated on based on our service to our previous brides.”


We hope that this story inspires you. No matter what you are doing at this moment, what your occupation is or how far away your dream may seem to be, always know that with a desire and hard work, anything is possible. So what are you waiting for?

In Texas? Need a DJ? Contact Laura and Jason at www.mayfieldaudio.com

Brynlea Cunniff

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