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Make It Count

January 27, 2015

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While many are in the gym every day, are they making the most of their time? Brynlea Cunniff, certified fitness trainer and figure competitor, provides a fitness routine that will produce the most results.

“First of all, get rid of the myth: lifting weights will make me look like those manly bodybuilding women. False. Steroids will make you look manly. I do figure competitions. I lift heavy; I push my body. That’s the only way to change. You must command your body to grow and change.

Do not be afraid of weights. Start light. As it gets easier, go up weight. Got it? Aim to lift 5 days a week. One muscle group a session. Push yourself. The last reps should be hard in each set.

Weight training:
Each day train a different muscle group! Start with 4 sets of 12. Then after a few weeks, try adding weight each set doing 15, 12, 10, 12. Change it up!

Sample weight routine:
Mon- shoulders, abs and cardio
Tues- biceps/triceps and cardio
Wed- back, abs and cardio
Thurs- legs (skip cardio)
Fri- chest, abs and cardio
Sat- your choice or OFF
Sun- your choice or OFF

Aim for 5 sessions a week for 30-45 minutes. Do not go over 45 minutes. You want to tap into your fat storage-not your glycogen levels (this fuels your muscles). Do cardio first thing in the morning, before eating, or right after weight training. When you weight train, your body begins to tap into fat storage, so by cardio time, you are ready to go!

Sample cardio workouts:
Research shows that anaerobic exercise builds lean muscle, and your body will continue to burn calories hours after the workout. HIIT(high interval training) is an example of anaerobic activity.

Example: Sprint for 1 min, walk for 2, sprint for 1 min, walk for 2 min. Jog for 3 min., sprint for 1 min., walk for 2 min. Repeat. Do this for 30 minutes. Download the Tabata Timer to help you keep time your sessions.

Elliptical. Vary the resistance and incline. 30-45 minutes.

Stair stepper. 30-45 minutes.

Walk at incline of 10 or more. 30-45 minutes.

The key is to change your workout’s intensity and weight training every 3-4 weeks. Vary the exercises and machines. Your body will adapt, so you must confuse your muscles often.

Do your research and get acquainted with the body and muscle groups. You can find tons of workouts for each of these muscles.”

Brynlea Cunniff

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