I love words! What can I say? I’m an English teacher. I love the juxtaposition of old and new, which is where the name Modern Lace was derived. Over coffee, Brynlea and I knew exactly what modern and lace meant to us.

How do we live in this modern world yet keep the values and ideals that our grandmothers and those women we admire taught us?

I love “old” things from furniture to small nick knacks. I keep them. I look at them, and I imagine who once used them. As a matter of fact, my great grandmother’s cookbook sits atop the antique curio cabinet in my dining room.

My grandmother taught me grace. She taught me how to move forward joyfully when things didn’t always turn out the way I expected. She would often recite poetry and sing sweet songs to me when I was a child. Sitting in her front yard on a handmade quilt with my sisters, we would look at the clouds and feel the warmth of the sun on our hot skin. She taught us how to appreciate the small joys of daily life.

To be truly beautiful in a modern world full of new technology, photoshopped images and unrealistic expectations of body images, it’s necessary to remember and to never forget what those timeless beauties taught us.

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Brittany Windle


Our Mission

Modern Lace’s mission is to seamlessly combine style and substance. We recognize the need to bring awareness to important social issues in this ever progressive culture and promise to create healthy discussion for change and enlightenment. We hope to help females create a healthy view of beauty. We also want to celebrate women who exhibit both style and substance by telling her unique story and showcasing her unique style.


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