The Girl Behind the Blog

April 7, 2014


Let me start by saying I am nothing special. I’m just a southern girl. I’m a twenty something year old who found herself floundering and confused post-graduation and decided to do something about it. But that’s the difference between myself and your average twenty something; I was confused and floundering so I did something about it, I took a chance.

On January 31, 2012, I had an idea; actually, I had more of a need to freely express myself. After wrapping up my internship and beginning the hunt for a job in education, I found that I had no real safe space to say what was on my mind without the fear that it may negatively impact my chances of being hired. Not that I wanted to bad mouth future employers, but rather I wanted to talk about that kid that sneezed on me and the creepy coworker that hit on me. In that moment, with one quick decision, SoFlaGrlProbz was born.

It became my diary, my therapist, my soundboard, my sanctuary, and I loved it. Through my first year in education, I found that my passion for this profession was faltering. It wasn’t that I hated it, no that wasn’t the case at all; I had simply lost my passion. I took a step back and again reevaluated my life while of course giving my followers a play by play. As I grew, SoFlaGrlProbz grew, and after a year, I found myself with ten thousand followers wondering where I could take my “persona” next. In just one year, I had created a corresponding SFGP Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Wanelo all successful and prosperous in their own right but yet, something was missing. I wanted more. After much thought and a bit of secrecy, Monograms and Lesson Plans came to fruition. MLP is me or rather I am it, specifically it’s my baby in the sense that I built it. The culmination of late nights of blog building, perfecting the aesthetics, and all of my absolute favorite things. I have always vowed to make my blog as much me as possible and from cocktails and recipes to giveaways and outfits MLP is 100% me.


Like my blog and my twitter account, I am still growing, evolving, changing, and finding my place in life. While I have since put my career in education on hold, I’ve found that my passion for fashion has reignited. While working for The Flaunt Shop and helping build the brand into a force to be reckoned with is a focus of mine, I haven’t forgotten who I am and where I started. I am so thankful for the connections I’ve made over the last two years and the people I’ve encountered. It seems strange to say but I do my best to let all 21.6 thousand of my twitter followers in on as much of my daily life as I can. They know about my love for my family, my dogs, my jobs, and my cocktails yet they don’t know one of the most basic things about me.

I was named for American royalty and that’s something I take great pride in; my name is Jacquie and I am SoFlaGrlProbz.